Family Photos

Many family members have been kind enough to share their treasured photos with us. Since we can not mail copies to each and every one, we came up with this solution, to post them to our web site. You may copy any or all. Also if you have photos of other family members, we would love to have copies. We will only add them to the web site, if you give permission.
Michael & Doris

Michael's Family

Leona Hall Blackman & son Roy
Lou Ella Hall Causey
Hooper Family
Artemus Miller & Family
John R. & Essie Mae Pollard
James Alexander West & Family
Mary Elizabeth West

Doris's Family

John Thomas Alred's Family
Betsy Tanner Caldwell
A. J. & Millie Estes
A. J. Estes & Vernon's girls
B. H. Estes
Isaiah Estes & Wife Sarah
Lucy Estes Whitten & family?
Rebecca Caldwell Estes
Vernon Estes, JoAnna White & Children
Vic & Fannie Estes
Hatch & Caldwell Family Members
Frances Elizabeth Simpson Huff
P W Mobley & Daughters
C. H. & Ruby Patterson
Thomas W. Short's Children

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