Descendants of William Martin Tanner

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM MARTIN TANNER was born February 1866 in GA, and died Unknown in Shooting Star, NC. He married GEORGIA M BRADLEY. She was born July 1879 in GA, and died Unknown.
        i. LAURA E TANNER, b. May 1897; d. Unknown.
        ii. GEORGE DEWEY TANNER, b. 26 May 1900; d. June 1971.
        iii. MAGDELINE TANNER, b. Private.
        iv. BERTIE TANNER, b. Private.
        v. DAVID TANNER, b. 02 November 1910; d. 07 February 1990.
        vi. HOKE TANNER, b. Private.
2. vii. IDA TANNER, b. 15 October 1917; d. 26 December 1999, Carrollton, Carroll Co., GA.
3. viii. LOLA TANNER, b. Private.

Generation No. 2

2. IDA TANNER (WILLIAM MARTIN) was born 15 October 1917, and died 26 December 1999 in Carrollton, Carroll Co., GA. She married WILLIE HALL 1934, son of RILEY HALL and MARY BURGESS. He was born 11 April 1911, and died 19 November 1974.
Children of IDA TANNER and WILLIE HALL are:
        i. LINDA HALL, b. Private.
        ii. MARTIN HALL, b. Private.
        iii. ELIZABETH HALL, b. Private; m. BOBBY DUKE, Private; b. Private.
        iv. JAMES WILLIE HALL, b. 1935; d. 1935.
        v. JO ANN HALL, b. 1938; d. 1947.
4. vi. MARY CAROLYN HALL, b. February 1950; d. 15 October 1997, Haralson Co., GA.

3. LOLA TANNER (WILLIAM MARTIN) was born 12 May 1923 and died 11 May 2000. She married (1) EZRA MYRON CHURCH Private. He was born 16 September 1919 in Huston, GA, and died 1967 in Atlanta. She married (2) RUBERT RUSSELL RIDGEWAY Private. He was born 20 January 1913, and died 24 October 1984.
5. i. EZRA MYRON CHURCH, JR, b. Private.

Generation No. 3

4. MARY CAROLYN HALL (IDA TANNER, WILLIAM MARTIN) was born February 1950, and died 15 October 1997 in Haralson Co., GA. She married BOBBY WADDELL Private. He was born Private.
Children of MARY HALL and BOBBY WADDELL are:
        i. WILLIE WADDELL, b. Private.
        ii. CAROLYN JOANN WADDELL, b. December 1975; d. December 1975.

5. EZRA MYRON CHURCH, JR (LOLA TANNER, WILLIAM MARTIN) was born Private. He married MARTHA GOLDEN Private. She was born Private.
Children of EZRA CHURCH and MARTHA GOLDEN are:
        i. KAREN CHURCH, b. Private.
        ii. DAVID CHURCH, b. Private.

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